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Indonesia asphalt Mixing plant Project

         From February 19th to March 1st, 2019, the contract was signed. On March 6th, the customer received the advance payment. In 16 days, a set of 80T asphalt station was sold. It is the shortest asphalt station transaction order we have.

         In 16 days, the Indonesian office colleagues visited customers four times, through product design and technical communication, to the company's detailed introduction, AIMIX company adhered to the customer first, customer-centric values, and ultimately won customer trust and determine orders.

          The workshop workers started the production of each equipment of the asphalt mixing plant, and the technical department also began to prepare the foundation map for the customer.After 30 days of serious production in the workshop, and the final quality control of the product by the quality inspection department.

            On April 15th, we planned to install pre-assembly products at the factory, and shared pre-assembled pictures with customers to invite customers to inspect the goods.On the basis of the customer's trust in AIMIX, the customer did not come to the factory to inspect the goods, directly paid the final payment, Then we arranged the delivery.

After receiving the customer's payment, AIMIX's professional shipping department will communicate with the shipping company as soon as possible to arrange delivery.After 15 days of shipping time, the customer arrives at the customer's destination port and begins customs clearance.

           After receiving the customer's installation notice in August, we arranged an engineer with 10 years of installation experience to guide the installation work to the customer site.