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Philippine Brick MakingMachine Project

      Last July our company got an inquiry from a Filipino customer. After our company sales staff contacted with them. Customers have a great interest in our company. We also do our best to serve our customers. At the Philippine exhibition, the customer was invited. After the customer met with us, they talked with us so happy. Immediately, they paid 1000USD deposit at the exhibition. Because our company sales staff solved all the customer’s questions. After we received the deposit from the customer, we began to arrange machine production.

      When the machine finished, we packed the machine well, let our shipping department started to book ship for our customer, then ship it to our customer.

      In mid-September, our customers received the machine and started the installation and commissioning, and the machine started to go into production later. Below the scene where our customers produce bricks after receiving the machine.

      The company adheres to the customer-centered purpose and wins the trust and support of customers. The old brick machine of the customer is intended to let us update. In addition, our machine has created great value for customers. The customer's brick machine business is particularly good. They plan to buy our equipment again. We will adhere to the win-win goal and give our customers the best support and service.